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“I’ve seen Tyler take a crowd of 3,200 distracted teens who didn’t want to be in the room – arguably the toughest live audience there is – and have them eating out of his hand in minutes. His comedic timing is perfect, but it’s his content that makes him extraordinary.”
— Dighton Spooner (Former CBS Television Executive)

Tyler is a former HS teacher & has spoken live to more preteens & teenagers than anyone in history (approaching 5,000,000 and counting) - to over 400,000 parents, & 340,000 educators across North America.

His extensive work with families in crisis has provided the opportunity to develop strategies that actually work for busy families where one or more parents, and/or singles parents have full-time jobs.

He is most passionate about showing parents how to reset the culture of their home so their family is prepared for, & able to walk through the teenage years with sanity and intimacy.

His wife Kristen & he have a blended family with five children ranging from 11 to 30, & they live in Laguna Beach, California.

For the past 28 years, Tyler has had the unique opportunity to engage in thousands of one-on-one conversations with teenagers and preteens, who stand in line after hearing him speak live, to confide, confess, and seek counsel. This unique window into their lives has allowed him to develop the counterintuitive framework that helps thousands of parents each year feel less drained & live more productive, balanced, & happy lives.

The counterintuitive framework we offer brings help and hope to working parents.

Tyler’s Book

Counterintuitive offers wisdom through beautifully written, and often funny stories. Written for busy parents who are hungry for answers, but want something more than a dry, clinical approach.

If you're feeling overwhelmed or at a loss, this book will give you help and hope.