“Powerful. Refreshing. Hilarious. I literally couldn’t put it down! The scope and candor of this book cut to the realities of parenting, while offering hope through practical solutions... a pure joy to read.”
— Dr. Paul Lewanski, Ed.D., California Teacher of the Year


Counterintuitive (an Amazon best seller) offers wisdom through beautifully written, and often funny stories. It is an easy read, making it accessible to busy parents who are hungry for answers but want something more than a dry, clinical approach.

Parenting is hard. So these 194 pages are packed with solutions that help parents prepare for, and walk through the teenage years with intimacy and sanity.

  • How to be the "safe place" they'll run to when they fail.

  • Consequences that actually work, bring growth, and deepen your intimacy.

  • Exactly what to say when your daughter (or son) is 'in love' but not mature enough to date, and yells you don't understand - while helping her feel you're on her side and not her back.

  • How to motivate a lazy teenager.

  • Exact steps to regain control of a home or class that is out of control.

  • When to search their room, and how to do it without causing shame or mayhem.

  • How to use disrespect and broken trust as a catalyst for a closer relationship. And more...

If you're feeling overwhelmed or at a loss, this book will give you help and hope.